USS Pico

Welcome to the USS Pico

The Pico is a proud member of Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 72 C. Our simm is based in the year 2394.

The Pico is a Luna class vessel that is currently charged with a wide variety of missions primarily focusing on assisting Starfleet's efforts to stabalize the area around Langley Station and the Cardiassian DMZ.

What makes our game a little different than some others is our focus on in depth character development. Rather than jumping from mission to mission very quickly we spend a lot of time working together to really develop our characters and interact with each other. That combination makes the game much more enjoyable for everyone.

If you are looking for a fun game to join we hope you will seriously consider joining the crew of the USS Pico.

Latest Mission Posts

» Intelligent talk

Mission: Mission 1: Restoration
Posted on Mon Mar 19th, 2018 @ 2:28pm by Warrant Officer Balnor Shade & Lieutenant JG Brianna Hart

Balnor slouched at the back table of Casterways, it was a spot, with a good view of the door. He absently read the latest reports that had been sent his way on his personal security device. There wasn't much information there that Bal didn't already know. Most of was based…

» Secrets

Mission: Mission 1: Restoration
Posted on Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 @ 11:58pm by Lieutenant JG Ariana Rees

Ariana had been hussled through several alley ways by the gang of children that had appeared to help Ty, she didn't sense that they meant her any harm there was more of a sense of desperation about them than anything else hence why she hadn't called for help from any…

» On the surface

Mission: Mission 1: Restoration
Posted on Wed Feb 28th, 2018 @ 6:08pm by Lieutenant JG Ariana Rees

OOC; Skipping ahead to being on the planet for now

Ariana stood on a hillside over looking Tagra, the sheer number of people on the planet was giving her a headache to beat all headaches but it would take time for her senses to adjust, for now she’d have to…

» In the field

Mission: Mission 1: Restoration
Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 @ 1:18pm by Warrant Officer Balnor Shade

It would have been better if the ships above had brought some sort of prefabricated building to used. The tent was dusty and thee flaps would close properly to keep the breeze out. There had been some days when that was a good thing.

Then there were days like this…

» Shh secret squirrel - part two

Mission: Mission 1: Restoration
Posted on Fri Feb 16th, 2018 @ 11:05pm by Lieutenant Arwen Llewellyn

Arwen had followed Steven into his ready room. With his back to her as they entered she couldn't get much of a read from him. The vibe felt intense though. Arwen heard what she expected "Wrn grab a drink if you want and take a seat". "Thank you Si-Steven, I…

Latest Personal Logs

» Space bound - backpost

Posted on Fri Jan 12th, 2018 @ 4:30pm by Ensign James Wolfe

Personal Log. I'm hours away from finally arriving at my first duty assignment, the USS Pico. Since graduating from Star Fleet Academy what only seemed like days ago, I've been assigned and reassigned to different assignments at least 5 times. Thankfully, the brass at SFC seemed to have finally decided…